Want to Revamp Your Home and Garden? Begin with a Clear Out

Want to Revamp Your Home and Garden? Begin with a Clear Out

It is a great feeling to have a new look in the home or garden. But, whenever it comes to decorating, building renovations or a new garden design you will likely end up with a ton of rubbish to get rid of. It is amazing how much rubbish you generate from any type of renovation work in the home. Usually it means clearing out a room to get the work done and then you discover a lot of rubbish that has been there for years. Some work will cause less mess than others but you will still discover a certain amount of waste that needs to be removed somehow! We look at some choices you have to make waste clearance easy and make a difference to your home.

Rubbish removal after decorating

Giving a room a new look gives you a great feeling of satisfaction but you will have a lot of the old décor to dispose of, from flooring, paint to old wallpaper. A lot of waste can be created and a lot of it is not of any use. If you are hiring help they may take charge of the rubbish clearance for an extra charge. Or you could arrange for skip hire where you have the freedom to dump more or less any waste in it and then the clearance company will collect and take it out of your way.

Waste clearance after building work can be tricky

If you are having an extension, or new kitchen and bathroom fitted then you will likely have to hire a special builder waste clearance service to deal with the bricks, rubble, cement, plaster and other materials that are produced from this type of work. However, if it is a smaller job you could salvage some of the materials such as bricks and make a BBQ, or raised planters in your garden. Some of the building materials can be used again to make a new construction and save on junk clearance fees. If you have old fitments from the bathroom or kitchen that are in a reasonable condition you could ask people you know if they want them. You could help a new home owner out with your unwanted fittings.

Sorting the garden waste is easy work

For most of the garden waste you come across you will likely already have a bin supplied by the local council for garden waste removal where you can place grass cuttings, weeds, twigs and leaves. These are useful and if you keep your gardening maintenance under control you can easily cope with the excess garden rubbish. If you have an excess you could create compost. Care needs to be taken if you are discarding weed killer, fertilizers and pesticides. There are special permits needed for chemicals as they are harmful to the surroundings and hard to discard.

Final tips to be free of home and garden rubbish after renovation work

If you feel there are things that could be sold then sell them. Just because you have new furnishings, that doesn’t mean the old ones are not in a reasonable state and worth either donating to needy causes in the area or selling. If you are dumping a sofa or old garden furniture just because you want a new colour or style it will certainly be of use to someone who is just starting out, so try to sell locally in papers or on notice boards at the supermarkets. Don’t just throw it away; help give others the chance to grab a bargain.

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