Top 10 Tips for Stress-Free House Removals in Stratford

Top 10 Tips for Stress-Free House Removals in Stratford

Moving house can be a very stressful and laborious job if you are not prepared for it. Lots of people in Stratford think that will just throw their items in the boxes and transport them to their new home with ease. Home removals require much more than that. Follow this guide if you want to experience a stress-free removal and enjoy the transition.


  1. Get organised


You need to start planning the move the moment you decide to relocate. It is essential to get organised and make a plan. Create a moving checklist and set a date for your move. You should decide whether you will do the removal on your own or you will use a removals company. Don’t leave the important aspect of planning for the last minute.


  1. Do a research


If you have decided to move using a company you should research local Stratford removals. You should know your options before deciding what to do. You should do a research even if you have decided to hire a removal van only and do most of the tasks yourself. Shop around for quotes and choose the service that meets your specific needs and budget.


  1. Hire a professional company


Contact the Stratford removals you have chosen and ask them what their service includes and whether they can offer you additional services such as packing and storage. Ask them about their insurance cover and whether they have a money back guarantee. Reliable removal companies will offer you a free estimate to make sure you have an accurate quote before the job.


  1. Declutter your home


Get rid of rubbish and all the items you no longer use or need. Broken furniture, old clothes, toys and electrical all add up to the final bill of your removal. Dispose of them or donate them to charities in Stratford and you will minimise removals costs. This will save you money and time because this will reduce the amount of items you need to pack and unpack. You will spend less money on packing materials, boxes and removal services.


  1. Pack the box with essentials


You need to pack a box that includes all the essential items you will need right after you arrive at your new property. These include toiletries, linen, beverages, towels, drinks, cleaning supplies, a set of clothes, eating utensils and basic cookware. This should be the last box you load in the removal van and the first box to unpack. You can transport it via your own car if you are planning on arriving in your new Stratford home before the removals.


  1. Dismantle furniture if necessary


Ask the removals whether they will disassemble furniture if necessary. If this is not included in their service you should do it on your own. If you cannot do it yourself, ask friends and relatives in Stratford to help you as this is not an easy job.


  1. Contact a cleaning company if you live in a rented property


If you live in a rented property you need to clean it professionally before moving out. Hire a cleaning company if you want to get your deposit back. Entrust the pros with the task and focus on moving. Don’t waste time on cleaning as you have more important things to consider.


  1. Organise your utility services


Inform your utility services providers that you are moving out and contact your new utility services providers to inform them about the date of your move. You need to arrange this before the removal if you want to experience a seamless transition.


  1. Redirect your post


Inform the Royal Mail of your removal and redirect all your mail to your new address. You can do this via their website or at your local post office. You should also inform your employer and bank to make sure that you will not be a victim of identity theft.


  1. It is time for a housewarming party


After you have unpacked and organised your new home you should plan a housewarming party. You should invite friends, colleagues and new neighbours in Stratford. This way it will be easier for you to accommodate yourself to the new environment.


Enjoy a stress-free house removal and your free time in Stratford!

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