How to Save Time When Moving to London

How to Save Time When Moving to London

If you are planning a move to London, then you will need to be ready for all possible contingencies come moving day. You want your move to be smooth and trouble-free and to take as little time as possible. You can take plenty of steps in order to achieve that and save some time on moving day.  Let us point out some of the ways you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble, whether you will be using a man and van company for the relocation or you will be working alone:

  • Making a detailed moving schedule

You can start preparing for the job at least 60 days before the big move, using a simple weekly checklist to keep close track of the moving process. The tasks you need to accomplish much further from moving day may seem like unimportant at this time, but staying on top of them will ensure you avoid any last minute mistakes that could cost you a pretty penny. Not to mention that being well organised so far in advance will make the whole process much better structured and will let you plan for any issues that might crop up on moving day or before that. Time will be extremely important a few days before the move to London, so you need to be as diligent as you can be before calling in the man with van company.

  • Hiring a good man with van company

You should resist the temptation to hire a company that offers a rate that seems too good to be true. In most cases that will be exactly the case. Unreliable removal companies will cost you a lot of money in delays, damages and unexpected complications, and you may even have to replace your damaged or lost possessions if they fail to do their job well. Check out the credentials of the company by checking with the Consumer’s Association, for example, or with people who have used their services before. Customer feedback is usually the best way to gauge whether a company is trustworthy or now, and they can give you insight onto the way they work too.

  • Trim down your possessions

If an item is simply not enhancing your life in any meaningful way, then it won’t be needed for your new home. Don’t waste any time packing it in and simply get rid of it. When it comes to the usual suspects of clutter, such as unfinished work, books you will never read, old clothes and furniture and so forth, you may want to consider leaving them behind. Get a garage sale organized, sell them online, or donate them to charities – whatever works for you. At the end of the day, you will thank yourself before you move to London as that will cut a large part of the work on the day and you can save time and a pretty penny too. After all, most moving services charge you based on the amount of belongings you have to move. The moving van London will be mercifully less stuffed with useless items as well, which will make loading and unloading much faster.

  • Packing professionally

Now you can come up with a good packing system that will send all your boxes to the right rooms when they arrive in London. One option is to work with markers and to make a colour coded system for your man with a van service, sticking to a single colour for every room and its boxes. On moving day you can draw a simple floor plan and this will save you a good bit of time in the unloading process.

  • Make the home more moving friendly

Most movers will not disconnect anything that happens to be hardwired to your home, so you will need to unplug appliances and any light fixtures you are planning on taking along with you. Make sure you have all paths clear from the home to the removal van. Movers will never touch flammables, perishables and plants, so it will be up to you to get rid of them and to make a difference before the relocation to London. If you want to take any of these items along to your new home, you should think of an alternative way of transporting them. The same goes for any pets you might have – you should consider how they are going to be moved as well.

  • Prepare a lot of packing supplies

You should avoid running out of supplies on the morning of the move by stocking up on supplies before the big day. You should start gathering tape, bubble wrap, boxes and more early on in the process before you hire a moving service. Load up the boxes with anything you don’t need immediately and you will find it way easier to handle on moving day, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the relocation instead of feeling swamped with all manner of tasks.

With these few points in mind and some careful planning and scheduling, your move to London should be seamless and should easily fit into the time frame you allotted for it. Do your homework and you won’t experience any issues or delays on the big day.

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