How To Carry Out The Perfect House Clearance

How To Carry Out The Perfect House Clearance

House clearance can be challenging especially if you decide to do it yourself as the job can be stressful and time-consuming. At times, you may be required to hire professionals to help you out in the process. One of the benefits of hiring a clearance company is the fact that they can clear all sorts of junk from your property. However, it does not necessarily mean that you will fancy a challenge during a house clear-out. In case you face a challenge, here are tips that can help you to carry out a perfect house clearance.

Determine the time needed for the job

If you want the house clearance task to be less stressful, you need to plan the time needed to carry out the job to ensure everything else goes smoothly. Allocate each room that needs to be cleared out ample time depending on the loads present. If you assign yourself enough time, you will be in a better position to deal with any stress that comes with the clearance job.

Decide what to dispose of and what to keep

Once you have allocated enough time for the house clearance, get to go through everything so that you can decide which items you wish to keep, which items to send for recycling, and which ones you want to give away or sell. You can use coloured stickers to categorize items in a house clearance. For instance, you can use red stickers on items you want to donate and green for items you want to sell. It is a good idea to label all items in each room. Avoid mixing stickers. If it is an item you want to keep, let the red stickers remain for those specific items. After labelling your items, you can shift those with a similar coloured sticker in one room. You can start with the junk items because it does not matter if they get damaged when moving them around, and they will leave space for the useful items.

Do an estimate of the items you have for clearance

Having kept everything in place, you can use the standard domestic skips to calculate the volume of your items. Get to know the standard skips you think your stuff would fill. After you have come up with an estimate, go to each room and note how many skips each coloured sticker would fill. You do not have to be precise in your estimates. You can break down the items you want to dispose of so that they can take less volume. Add up all the estimates to get a total estimate of each kind of items and plan how you are going to remove everything.

Choose a house clearance company

After you have finished with the estimates, look for a reputable house clearance service to help you out. Alternatively, you can hire a transport van and do the task yourself. In fact, this can be a good way of saving some cash but the process is time-consuming and you will have to take care of all the loading and heavy lifting yourself. Hire a company if you have a lot of items to dispose of and make the process easier.

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